I have often felt, as well as been told on a number of occasions that I am an optimist. For as long as I can remember I have been searching for the deeper meaning of what “being positive” actually meant for me in my life. This lead me to ask myself the inevitable question of what is the opposite, and how are my interactions between these two opposing forces impacting my life? Thought is consciousness of which there are basically two levels that I refer to as the third and fourth dimensional consciousness. For simplicity they are referred to as 3D and 4D.

The Logic is the first level of consciousness, that of 3D. The 3D consciousness is controlled and functions in accordance to the five physical senses of hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch as well as being guided by the Earth Laws of time, distance, and matter, past present and future. When you are being logical you witness the world through the concept of black or white, wrong or right. From these dualities judgment is created that can incorporate the Ego’s will to control. When you are focused on the present moment then you are in your higher consciousness of acceptance. Then the Ego has no control over you. Your logic is very sensitive to emotional stimulation, and interprets any experiences you have through your feelings.

Rational thought and your responses to daily events work perfectly well for much of what you do in your physical life. But whenever the Ego and emotions are brought into play in your life, then negative thoughts may appear. For example the Ego can create a fear that may confuse or create doubt. This may have a negative effect on the choices you make. The Ego and emotions often override the logical mind’s decision making.  In other words you are capable of, and often do think emotionally and egoistically rather than having a fearless view of life. The prime motivator of the Ego’s power is to use fear and emotions to control others.

All fears (other than the fear of your natural instincts to survive) are illusions; your fears are as big as you make them. Your expectations, needs and desires can create negative thinking that then becomes fear. You may also have experienced fear that came from previous negative experiences. For example whenever your expectations and needs were not met, you may have felt disappointment in some form. This will create a negative force within your emotional body and the logical mind. The negative force may then express itself as frustration, anger or despair.

Ultimately negative thoughts are created by you separating yourself from your Spirit of life, your joy and peace, love and truth. Your Soul holds the qualities of acceptance, forgiveness and Love for all things. Your negative thoughts drive you further away from these qualities by giving you a message of doubt, such as “you can judge that man for what he has done” all because what has been done may go against you’re fixed beliefs. Whenever you are free from fear your life-energy will hold a positive vibration and life itself will flow with greater ease. The Ego will tell you I want this or that. The Ego can be so strong that it will even demand of you what it requires, regardless of how that demand may affect yourself or others.

Positive thinking and the emotions: the emotional body is a subtle but strong force. It registers every sound and vibration. The emotional body is not mentally orientated as is the Ego. When you’re thoughts create a need, expectations come into the picture. Whenever an expectation is not met, the illusion of disappointment can be felt strongly by an individual. Pain can become emotional, physical and mental. Emotions can create a state of negativity in how you think about others as well as your Self. It is a bit like the child who wants the sweet that it can see, but has been told that it cannot have. It is not the sweet that creates the pain, but the need of the sweet.

Negative thoughts create energy which can stay within your own energy field for as long as you choose to hold them there. You can also pass on a negative thought or feeling to another person by sharing your negative opinion about someone else with them. The effects of which may cause you to judge that person.  This is often done unconsciously.  If you for example are complaining about a person during a conversation, you will give that negative picture about the person to the one that you are talking to. If you pass on a negative energy to another it can create problems for them. Depending on which context you receive another person negative energy will determine how long the energy stays within you. It is wise to only hold negative energy for as long you need to understand what message it is giving you. If you do not release the energy as soon as it is understood it may become fixed within your energies. The other persons negativity that you are holding can create confusion about your own feelings, such as believing that you are angry because of your own feeling, when in fact they could be the other persons that are making you angry! I believe it is always good practice to sort out which feelings are yours, and which are not. Then life will become much clearer for you by truly understand your own feelings. Then you may have more trust in yourself.

When choices are made through the Ego or emotions they will create confusion. If you are caught up in this circle, you may feel that there is no way out. However there are ways to transform the hold of the Ego and emotions. Transformation occurs through positive thought, such as saying no to the thoughts and feelings that seek to create fear and judgment within you. It is clear that you cannot heal or balance the emotional body with emotions. You cannot transform fears with fear. Neither can you transform the Ego by feeding the Ego with what it wants, because the Ego will always want more. The answers are inside of you. The general response to someone who is attacking you is to attack back with similar stuff, which changes nothing. War begets war!

How to transform negative thinking?

It is here that higher consciousness (4D) comes into the greater picture. The whole point of positive thinking can be easily missed if you choose to take something personally. By taking something personally the Ego and emotions are involved, and as such will open negative thought or beliefs you may be holding. Whenever you take something personally you make it yours. But what is yours? Positive thought carries the Light force of Life. It is expansive. The energy of negative thought can easily impact your emotional body. For example, whenever someone negative enters your space, their energy can be felt by you as heavy or just very negative, depending on your sensitivity. How can these negative energies be transformed? Negative thoughts and feelings cannot be transformed by themselves. They must be brought upwards by your spiritual will into higher consciousness. If not, they remain caught in your energy that will confuse you through fear, doubt and negative thinking. Positive thought has the ability to transform negative thinking not the other way around.

Does it take any more energy to think positively rather than negatively? Negative thoughts are often caught up in their own net of needs and expectations. Do you often find it hard to let go of negative thoughts or feelings, even when you know it does not serve you well? When you begin to look to change your way of life by firstly becoming more aware of your thoughts and their projection, you will taking a positive step in the right direction. I would suggest, keep it as simple as possible. Take little steps forward by transforming one negative thought or word at a time. Then the transformation will be instantly positive. Even write your negative word or thoughts down to see how it feels. Then write the opposite word and feel the joy it holds? The transformation may not come over night. Be patient and continue in a steady manner.

The words that you use in everyday life are basically our thoughts in action because they carry your feelings. Trust your feelings because they are taking you to the light. By being aware of any negative thought that may appear through your feelings and mind, learn to observe them for a little bit longer before taking action. Here are some examples of opposite thoughts.

Positive Negative
Forgiveness Resentment
Joy Sorrow
Truth Lies
Acceptance Denial

Whenever you create and hold a negative force, there is often a resistance for you to change it, that’s the Ego. This is because negative energy is inverted. This is why you require the expansive positive thoughts to raise your feelings and consciousness out of the negativity and into positive higher consciousness. When you put the Light of higher consciousness into your emotional body by your thoughts, you will feel the positive effects and your fears will be transformed.

Thee positive thinker attracts positive forces. It works the same way for the negative thinker that attracts the negative. These are the mirrors of your life principles. In other words you attract what you need to see in order to learn. The message of truth is always present. Right thinking, right choices all help to liberate your psyche from the bondages of despair!

“You only attract a mirror when you need to. When you don’t you attract what completes you!”

Love and light,

The future is one of the greatest mysteries that humanity has tried to understand and control. And yet the Universal energy that the future holds is, I believe, the least understood. Everyone that walks and breathes on Earth is inevitably connected to the future in some form, as everyone is with the past and present, but what is the purpose or meaning of the future if it has not yet happened, and how does it serve us?

It has been said that the future is not a reality. If this is true, then why do so many individuals and groups fear the future? Have you ever tried to look into the future or even predict it? To a large degree the global economy is based on futuristic speculation, as seen with the birth and enactment of the stock market and insurance conglomerates.

If you were to look at the future from a logical or 3D – dimensional consciousness – point of view, you may lose your sense of presence – of being in the now. You may often have feared what you did not see or understand. This is your logic not trusting the self. Then  fear can step in to control your next step, which is a main motivating factor for you to try and make the future right or safe. Many put a lot of energy into this area of their lives. Such motivation is often based upon past, negative experiences, which then have a strong effect upon the choices you make. It is here that you will find that your choices are often fear-based. Whenever fear is present, trust is not. You may have become lost in your past happenings or future possibilities and sometimes both at the same time, which means that you are seldom being present.

Through the ages, there have been people who have quite accurately predicted future events or happenings. Michel de Nostradamus (1503–1566) is one such person, famous for his prophecies. But did we believe him or, more to the point, what could anyone have done about it if we did? It is indeed a precarious path to follow. Many have come into difficulty by listening to futuristic prophecies. I recall at certain times in my life – during the 60’s and 70’s – people were claiming that the end of the world was coming, be it today, tomorrow or next week. Some who believed those predictions to be true took their own lives. So why is it that individuals go to fortune tellers or mediums to seek future guidance? Fear must be present, not faith. With my understanding, no one person can know exactly what the future may hold, nor should they be advising others in such matters. The future is to be experienced in every living moment. If you are fully present, then fear and control are not.

The Past, Present and Future all follow the path of physical linear time. They interact to give us a point of focus to understand the meaning of being present. But what really decides your future? Do you know that you are not directly fixed to time; time has been created as a means to give structure and direction for us to use correctly. There is one interesting fact about time: it takes care of itself – so why chase it? No matter how hard you try, you will never catch up with the past because it has gone by and served its purpose, whatever that may have been. This is also true of the future, it has not yet happened so how can it be lived or realised?

The realisation of the Present can only be obtained from one moment to the next, which is where the vibration of love is felt. If you were to look for love outside of yourself, it would not be realised, simply because the search would be futuristic. Love is vibration, a realisation from one moment to the next. It is an energy that you may hold with each breath you take.

The choices that you make determine what you create and attract to you. And to a great degree the world that we all find ourselves in today has been built upon those very choices. What you ask for, to a greater or lesser degree, determines what you receive, which is often not what you may have expected. This is because your expectation is brought about by a futuristic consciousness, which can never be a certainty. Absolute certainty is an illusion. Things happen, it is impossible for you or anyone else to control every event and happening. This for me is why expectations are a trap for disappointment, which often gives birth to what is referred to as failure.

The future is not for us to know, it is for us to accept and welcome with an open heart. If you fear the future it is because you are expecting the negative. This is an energy exchange between you and the universal consciousness. There are certain universal laws at work in all that you do.  The mirror effect is one such law that is present to help you recognise how a past wish or desire has gone before you into the future. Then that wish or desire manifested itself to bring you the message in the present moment. But why, what have you created or asked for that could have been either a negative or positive thought? For example when your choices are positive ones, what is there to fear – a positive happening? The opposite can also be true. Through negative thinking you fear what is to come – your futuristic fear that has been created by you.

You can actually enter the future from moment to moment with insight when you choose to accept. Acceptance takes you into the now, to be fully present. What comes to you must be right for your spiritual growth. There is always a message to be seen or understood with every experience you have. This is not how the logic would interpret the now. This is why I believe the future to be fearful for many, it represents the unknown! If you were to know everything that was to be, then we would stop growing spiritually, both as individuals and as a race. Life would come to a standstill; there would be no creativity, no incentive to take the next step forward. Everything would seem like a pre-planned event. Boredom would become the norm. Guaranteed outcomes, guaranteed results would take the colour out of life. You would lose your spontaneity and intuitional qualities. Everything would be prepared for us – no future, no flow of life and no spiritual growth. What then?

Within the unknown there are deep transformational forces at work. The ingredients of which may seem to be hidden and masked. In the unknown the future rests, it seeks to awaken the intuitional qualities that every living being has. This is where some of our deepest secrets are held.

To understand the nature of Darkness is to understand the Truth.
To be in the Truth you must be in the Light.
To walk in the Light you must be Present.
When you are Present you walk into the Future without fear.

Many get caught up in life dramas of past happenings and become lost in the search for their meaning. There is one thing that you can be sure of, the past cannot be changed! Why is it that so many people become attached to past experiences and are caught up in them? It is not that all things should be forgotten, but it is important to be aware that if you are constantly thinking of the past, then you are keeping the past alive by reliving it over and over again in your mind.

The past is a significant teacher for everyone. It can help you understand how to avoid repeating the same mistakes again and again. One of the important questions that you can ask yourself is “what do I do with the memories and feelings of the past?” If you are lost in the past then this is most likely deeply connected to your stored emotions and needs. By looking for the deeper meaning of what is happening in your life, much can be forgiven and therefore healed.

The past, present and future are linked to how we perceive time in our physical reality. To heal negative past experiences you need to understand the meaning of expectations, acceptance and forgiveness. It is not that you should forget your past, and you should definitely not lock it away in your mind or in your emotions as if it never happened; this is just escaping. But how do expectations, acceptance and forgiveness play a role in relation to time? Have you ever been lost through having strong thoughts of a past experience? Your past experiences are often responsible for creating negative forces such as fear. When you carry fear, then you are lost in your emotional and logical aspects. Both positive and negative experiences in life are valuable teachers. The events that you have experienced may give you insight, leading to a new experience. It can be an opportunity to transform a fear attached to the past experience. If you have experienced a negative happening in the past, you will at some point in time face it again in order to heal and rebuild from that point.

When you look at the bigger picture of what the past represents, you may see it as an opportunity for change and learning. If however you have a fear connected to a past event, this may prevent you from moving forward. You may fear recreating what you have experienced before, and you therefore dare not take that step into the unknown, as the future will seem too scary.

Expectations can also keep you caught up in the energies of the past and the future. Expectations can take you away from being present, simply because you are holding onto your past with future projections. You may have been rewarded for something in the past and you expect that to happen again. The reward system can be felt as a feel-good sensation, which can make you want more of the same thing. This could lead you into becoming greedy. It may also be that through a negative experience of the past you try to make the future safe. You expect a negative past experience to be repeated and try to avoid it happening in the future, this is fear. Similarly,  when you have experienced a fantastic joyful moment in the past, you may try to recreate it. But it can of course never be the same! You can become so attached to the past that you continually seek to recreate it. Then you may find that you are seldom being present. All expectations block the freedom of being in the present moment because expectations are a trap for disappointment!

By accepting you are taking a very important step towards releasing yourself from any form of dependency. When you accept where you are in the moment, you release yourself from the past to become present in the moment. Through acceptance you can move on into the next moment, that of trust. Trust is a step towards faith. To have faith is to respect your powers and to trust in the Universal flow of life, which can liberate and free you from past fears.

Forgiveness releases you from the past. Forgiving is not a task that you must do, it is something that comes from the heart. When you forgive another person, you are not judging. This allows you to accept in truth what you are experiencing. If you are able to let go of your fears, ego, expectations and emotional imbalances, you are actually releasing the past in order to be present in your heart. To forgive yourself and others is an important step to take in order to move on and share your gifts!

How often have you given your power away to the past?  When your thoughts and feelings are caught up in the past, you may feel like a victim or you may choose to stay in the drama. How often do you allow the past to control your life to the extent that you find it difficult to be in the present? The past serves to remind you of what it was like. In no way should anyone become attached to it, be it positive or negative. Ask yourself this basic question with anything that comes into your life: What is it showing me? Then embrace it and begin to search for the wisdom that comes with the experience of that moment. You decide what to do next.

Love and light, Ralph Jenkins

To be present in the moment is one of the most fundamental things we can learn. The word “present” in the English language has different interpretations, but let me share two that come together as one. Whenever you would like to share or celebrate a moment with someone in a positive way, you may look to buy that person a gift, such as flowers or a book. This is often referred to as a present, which is a form of recognition for the other person, a caring action. But there is also another meaning. When you give a gift to someone, then all of your affections and feelings for that person can open up in that moment – the pre sent moment. When you give in this way, then you are truly being present in the present! Being present is for me a sacred point of contact to life itself, as it is only when you are present that you can experience the Universal values joy, love and peace. Do you analyse your situation and your options based on what is happening to you? Do you compare what you have experienced in the past and anticipate the future based on that? If the answers to these questions are yes, then you are using your logic to reason with life. To be present with yourself and within yourself is a way to avoid the logical left side of your brain from having total control over you. It is when the logic rules that it becomes unlikely that things will change as you continue to look on them as they always have happened before! Being mindful of the past has its value as long as you do not become lost in any thoughts or emotions that are related to it, and it is only when you are present in the moment that life can be experienced in fullness! You have a left and right hand. Your left hand is connected to the right side of your brain and vice-versa. Esoterically the left and right hands can be interpreted as the Yin and Yang. Another way to interpret the left and right sides of yourself from an energy point is to view them as the Male and Female forces that flow through you. Your male – right side – represents your power, and the female – left side – your creativity. The hands are powerful tools and I feel they are often taken for granted. They are great receivers as well as directors of energy. For example, you may raise your hand to stop someone from coming near, which carries a certain force, or you may invite them into our space by calling them in with our hand – the welcome. But what has all of this got to do with being in the present I hear you ask? Your hands are often the focus on being in the moment without you realising it. This is because your hands move and are instructed to do so on a subconscious level. Understanding how Universal forces and energies work can be a subconscious happening and not purely a conscious affair. For me this is so clear to see when the hands are used for Prayer. If you have ever prayed, you bring both hands together as one, the united force. This for me represents a unity of consciousness. There is no separation, only the oneness of the Self. In those moments of you uniting your hands, the whole Universal energy is brought down into one place – the Present! You are connecting with your higher consciousness through a conscious effort to fulfil your prayer. Both the male, the will to manifest, and the female – the creative force, are being polarised through the Higher Will of Soul contact. This creates the oneness that is often felt through the Joy, Peace and Love of being present on Mother Earth. Fear and control issues may prevent you from being present. You are either in the past or in the future, or both at the same time, whenever you are fearful of making a choice. You are everywhere – past and future – but not present! This is why it is so powerful to learn to be present when you hold fear. Your fears can not exist in the present moment! If this is difficult for you to believe in, try an experiment. Any time when you have fear, guilt, or other negative feelings, you can help bring yourself to the present moment by using your breath. Concentrate on your breathing and follow it through your body by breathing in and breathing out in a peaceful way. In this way you are make a focussed effort to be fully present. After a period of time, you will find yourself centred and present in the moment. You may be able to hold this presence for a short while, but you will probably lose it and wonder off to the past or future. The length of time which you can hold your presence will increase with practice as you become more consciously aware of your thoughts. Did you find yourself more relaxed and at peace when you focused on your breathing to be present? You may even begin to feel a kind of happiness inside. You have captured what it is like when you learn to be present! What a treasure you have that is ready to be uncovered. The treasure of joy, peace and love! To sum up what being present means in a few words is to understand that the future becomes your reality in the now! Love can only be experienced in its fullest vibration when you are being present, in the now! This is because the vibration of Love is not of the logical third dimensional consciousness. The Love Ray holds a vibration of the 4th dimension and upwards. Therefore Love cannot be time orientated, which is why you cannot control, demand, buy, or indeed expect love from another person. These are all needs of the lower nature, not Love. The Universe does not fulfil your needs or desires, as they are chiefly emotionally based. Love can only be experienced from one moment to another. And each moment is like a lifetime! This is why learning the art of being present is of key importance to your health and wellbeing – the Love vibration is present. You can only ever be realised by being present. If not, then where are you? With my blessings of the present, Ralph