What is Meditation

Life is a state of consciousness whilst DOING.
Meditation is a state of consciousness whilst BEING.
The Doing is logical left brain orientated, which is the physical human side.
The Being is right brain orientated and is the intuitive spiritual side of our consciousness.
Creative visualisation meditation is a method helps you to expand your consciousness that activates and unifies the three higher senses, which are – clairvoyance (third eye activity, seeing abstract energies), clairaudience (throat chakra activity, hearing abstract forces) and clairsentience (greater sensitivity to all things).

This chiefly comes about by rewiring the left hemisphere of the brain to first accept the stillness and peace that meditation brings, combined with helping you to trust what you are experiencing during a meditation, which includes visualisation.
There are three steps to follow when using Creative Visualisation Meditation, which are:
Step 1: Imagination – physical mind.
Step 2: Creation – step above logic.
Step 3: Perception – higher consciousness activity.

Imagination emanates from the logical mind that opens the door to seeing mental pictures. For example if I were to say to you “imagine yourself standing on a beach”, our logic would automatically take you to a previous experience of being on a beach. The memory recalls it because the mind sees it as a safe place to be.
The logical mind has a very strong controlling factor over what we choose to do, which is something that all developing meditation students need to first master. This is because the logical self constantly tries to interfere with the pure free flowing thought process that meditation teaches you to hold.

Logic is the sceptical side and will create fear by telling you that what you are experiencing is not real. This is because it does not trust what it cannot see or feel through the physical senses. If there is any lack of trust present in the meditation it can momentarily prevents you from stepping into the unknown, until you readjust your consciousness to accept the experience.
This is one reason why it is of vital importance to calm the logic and emotional self down during the process of becoming stiller and more peaceful within the meditation. It has to be so before one can step up into the more creative state of consciousness whilst meditative. In other words let go of the controlling self!

From the plane of imagination you have now stepped up into the creation of what you see. The creation of what you see, as in the picture of the beach is an image that is as real now as it was then. This is due to the fact that you are now stepping out of the time zone of past and future that controls the mind, into the unknown.

From this meditative state of consciousness you are now crossing over the bridge from the left into the right hemisphere of the brain – i.e. from third dimension – 3D into 4D. This is taking you into the consciousness of intuition that emanate from the right hemisphere of the brain.
When you are able to hold the 4D vibration, your consciousness does not (so readily) respond to the influences of past, future and distance because the logic no longer has an influence upon your thoughts and feelings. You are in a state of being where fear cannot be.
Your creative thoughts have become astral in their projection because they are timeless and are free to explore boundless possibilities. This will then take you up into the next step, that of perception.

Perception takes you deeper into the streams of higher consciousness which helps you to open and develop the Third Eye and Throat Chakra centres. This opening gives possibilities to perceive and explore what you visualise and hear through the right brain orientation of higher senses, those of clairvoyance and clairaudience faculties, which are your mediumistic skills.

The perception you now hold gives you the opportunity to study and ask questions about what you are witnessing or experiencing during the meditation, which is free from the control of logic because logic does not have the means to comprehend the abstract.
You are able to move into other experiences, because fear is not present and the logical mind no longer has a hold upon your thoughts. Such a flow allows new experiences to appear through the universal gateway, and you accept the new experiences that flow to you.

From this third level of meditation you are consciously able to experience the depth of your inner-stillness, where greater awareness of the higher planes of consciousness can be grounded and harnessed into all levels of your being. Your body and mind are as one in a deepened state of peace. But developing peace and stillness alone do not advance the development of your chakras and higher senses. For example you can be in a meditative state of peace for a thousand years without learning anything. Until that is, you ask for guidance and understanding.

There is a specific law that is important to understand and activate whilst meditating, which is “The Law of Demand”. The Law of Demand states that you have a right to know and understand what you are feeling and experiencing during any given meditation. Without asking i.e. sending out a telepathic question into the universe, universal consciousness will be unable to reply or give you the insight into the knowledge you are seeking. It is of vital important to remember that whilst meditating you ask in order to receive, which can be as simple as “what colour do I need to heal and balance my root chakra”? Then it can appear for you to work with.

I have found this form of meditation to be an invaluable tool of my spiritual development and a great teacher in many ways. Meditation in this form has countless attributes that can help you gain insights and understandings into situations that logic cannot fathom. That is so long as you remember the golden rule of “ask in order to receive” then the universe will serve you well because it takes you beyond mind and logic control.
If you are seeking guidance to learn and develop you’re meditate please click her for videos: Meditation link

Love and light, Ralph Jenkins.