The Spirit of Life

The understanding of life is a bit like the “chicken and egg scenario” which comes first? Is it the “Spirit or the Life”? I believe that they are of the same essence.

I have often heard people talking to one another saying “he/she has a strong spirit”, which is sometimes used to describe a horse that is full of life “the spirited horse”. Does this mean that deep down within all of us their lies a truth that we already know, but somehow has been lost? Spirit is often referred to in indirect ways, as it is with haunted house for example. The curiosity is there to seek greater knowledge regarding the unseen, the paranormal and the metaphysical aspects of life. I believe that everyone has that innate quality, to seek a deeper spiritual path that will bring peace of mind and body.

The “Spirit” is one of two life forces that are present within the physical body, the second is the soul. Without the presence of the spirit and soul the physical body would not be able to live or indeed move a finger. If you were to ask yourself some basic but fundamental questions, like what makes my body move or what makes me get up every morning? This is exactly where the spirit of life can be explored through curiosity. The spirit is a server of a greater force, the soul. Just as is the physical body serves the spirit and the soul that gives us our life experiences.

From personal experience I understand that the soul’s consciousness vibrates on a higher level than does the lower mind or logic, which is third dimensional consciousness – 3D. The minds activity is chiefly responsible for managing the physical body. The spirit itself is ruled by the soul, just as is the physical body is. I see that the physical body is the Temple of the Soul. The Soul activates the Spirit force to give the physical body motion.

Spirit is everywhere because God’s consciousness is in all things, which I refer to as “The Spirit of Life”. First there was spirit then came matter. The spirit is the server of the soul and the physical body serves the spirit and soul. If anyone separates themselves from the spirit of life, then the lower mind – logical – will dominate.

The Ego may gain control and the emotional body can become a dominating factor in life. This creates a separation from the spirit and soul vibrations that are linked to higher consciousness. The physical willpower often becomes the dominating force that is used to manifest the life experiences, which takes energy from the physical self. It’s like draining the battery, rather than feeding it. If the ego continues to dominate the life force a greater separation is established between logic and higher consciousness. This can lead to a physical imbalance or illness due to the stress created.

On the other hand the “Spiritual will” follows another channel that is directed by Soul consciousness the higher mind activity. The higher mind is not in any way influenced by the lower minds or indeed the ego and emotional body. This is due to the choices you make because they attract what you require to experience in order to grow spiritually. Unlike the physical willpower the spiritual willpower gives energy to the physical body because Divine Law is being followed. Positive thought is one such vibration, as is love and light. These are the very building blocks of the Universe that has created the physical body.

The Spirit of Life is also representative of the breath of spirit that breaths through us, whether we are aware of it or not! Yes there are differences in our physical personalities, but on a Soul level everyone is brother or sister where truth, compassion, love and joy reside. If you embrace life with open arms you are living life through the Heart. If you chiefly live your life through the emotional body then imbalance will ensue, where you may find yourself going around in circles that seem to be going nowhere? The lower minds perception of life is limited to the five physical senses, time, distance and matter.

The Spirit is connected to the three higher senses, those of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience. The higher senses are connected to the Soul and the physical self. The Spirit connects to our feelings, but is not attached to them!

To summaries: “The spirit of Life” is the penultimate driving force of life. It is the energy that motivates the physical body. Within all human beings there is the spirit of life that is being guided by the soul. Each breath is governed by the state of your consciousness that determines the choices you make that are followed by your actions. These are the forces that make up the world you live in! As individuals we create what we decide do. We have the power to make a difference. I would also like to add here that it is also important to follow your feelings (transformed emotions) that are felt in your heart. Listen more deeply to your intuition; it’s taking you to the light.

Through Soul guidance the spirit is constantly seeking to enhance the life’s force to serve from the heart, not from Ego or fear. To live in the now, to be fully present is where magic happens. Each lifetime you decide to return to develop spiritually.

But why do I decide which country, parents and the time to reincarnate? Those decisions you made – the contracts you signed in Heaven – are giving you the best opportunity to grow spiritually. This is the only reason you are here on the school of Mother Earth. All forms of matter in the material world are here to provide and help you and I to develop spiritually. You have already made that choice. The proof of that is that you are here reading this article!

“The Spirit of Life” can at times feel like a very complex path to follow, but for me simplicity is a key to unlock any door. You intuitively know what True, what is Love, because you have experienced it before. But you are still hungry for its purity and the peace it brings to the body, mind and Soul. Whenever you live a life other than through the heart, you separate yourself from “The Spirit of Life”.

Are you in denial of our true Soul vibration, that of unconditional Love. Whenever you are in denial of your love, the ego and the lower nature can become the dominating forces that rule your life. However you can free yourself from the shackles that imprison the Spirit and Soul.

May the wisdom of your decisions carry you through the ups and downs of life until you reach the shore of your reality?

Love and light, Ralph