Beings of Evolution

It is claimed by scientists that ever since the “big bang” the universe, earth and human beings have been evolving. So my question is why do we evolve and what are we evolving into?

This is my understanding of the evolutionary process that human kind has been instinctively following for countless millennia. It may help clarify the experiences you may have when consciousness rising occurs, some of which you may well recognise.

Human beings have been evolving and raising their consciousness for millennia in an effort to expand their awareness of universal forces and spiritual laws that maintain life on earth. This cannot be comprehensively understood by mind and physics alone, which raises the question, “how is the brain and mind i.e. consciousness, the left and right hemispheres interacting in today’s societies?” 

But what is consciousness? Consciousness is an abstract energy that permeates through the greater field of Universal consciousness, to which the brain and mind of humans is integrally connected.

We are “Beings of Evolution” that are going through seven cycles of awakening towards greater enlightenment. Within each cycle there are distinct steps that are taken that helps raise the consciousness towards understanding that we are not just physical beings, we are also a spirit and soul.

Each of the seven stages follows Universal Laws that will challenge our established values, integrity, truth and love in everyday life.

It is my understanding that every time I wake up in the morning I am given opportunities to seek a new higher order of life (consciousness beyond logic) which I refer to as “ones spiritual development”. This is a natural process that is set into our psyche as a means to raise the consciousness by increasing the activity of the right hemisphere of the brain. This natural process triggers the right brain to build bridges that connect to and rewire the left hemisphere, which is often experienced by you asking deeper questions about your existence, such as “is this all there is to life?”

Bellow I describe the first and second stages of human evolution that every human being is currently following through their natural evolutionary process. 

The First 7 Stages of Evolution

1: DORMANCY – at this stage your life is fine; you want to maintain the status quo. You don’t want to rock the boat. If you are new to the idea of human evolution you might believe that there is nothing more to life than this life. Life is just what you make of it and all of this “new age stuff of spiritual growth” is nonsense. People at this stage can think that they know exactly how the world works. They believe they have it made and know it all, but are at times quite close to new ideas or philosophies without realising it.

2: AWAKENING – You start to notice strange coincidences. You might have strange dreams or become increasingly sensitive to other people’s energies and places. You begin to question things. What is “the self?” Why do things have to be this way? Isn’t there more to life than this? You notice small changes taking place both in yourself and others. You begin to develop a sense of being different. You have greater experiences and awareness of all that is around you as well as within the self. You at the stage of your spiritual awakening and might start to feel confused about life and may become more curious about alternative views of life at the same time.

3: SEEKER You seek new answers. Having undergone the beginning of your awakening you start asking more questions whilst actively seeking answers. You seek new knowledge, new philosophies and new understandings. You read books on personal development. You think about or actually attend a course or two related to spiritual development. You experiment with meditation and explore the meaning of afterlife. You try different therapies or healing.

As your knowledge grows you start to become dissatisfied with the state of the world as well as your life. Your new understanding and wisdom does not fit into your old way of life and thought patterns. Your work situation and lifestyle no longer satisfy you. A desire to change the way you live and work builds up inside. The new knowledge you have gained needs to be integrated into your way of life with wisdom. If you don’t follow this path it will lead to the next stage ………….

4: CHAOS – Whilst you were seeking, all the reading, studying and the courses you took will have increased your knowledge. This naturally raised your life force energies. But if you have any faulty wiring in your circuitry, these faults will be activated. You experience a personal crisis that might affect you financially, the imbalance may create physical illness or there may be a change in relationships. You are tipped into chaos and are forced to make radical changes to your life.

Imagine that your energy system is like a badly wired house. Whilst the old you had only a few lights on you did not know there was a problem; but when you turned on more lights this raised your consciousness and activated more circuits, which blew some fuses! When this happens it could either manifest in your mind or as an emotional problem. An illness may occur in your physical body, or it may manifest outwardly in your life that affects your relationship to others, your work, and you’re financial situation or other areas.

Before you increased your energy you were unaware that you had any problems. They were always there but you just did not know you had them. Many evolving souls experience such life crisis’s. These problems are signs that you have found a block and have a faulty circuit, which is good because you can heal and transform it. This stage requires you to take action by empowering yourself by first accepting and taking responsibility over your life. This will lead you to finding your way to self-healing. Only when you have healed and released your blocks will you move forward to take the next step of …………

5: VISIONARY – At this stage, you start to see the tree from the woods. Often great leaps of understanding, insights and wisdom occur. You wonder why you didn’t think and see life this way before. It may seem to you that the answers are so obvious. Your talents and gifts are awakened and you start to channel or have visions. You are given inspiration and wisdom of a higher order and are called to take a greater part in the experiences of life. You may become psychic, and channel insights to others. You may develop a greater resonance with a spirit guide or Master. You enter more easily a state of being in the now with ease where you receive knowledge, often of the future. You have a very strong desire to set up a new business or to work in different ways. You may even experience this as a calling. Only when you learn to ground yourself will you be ready to enter the next stage of ……………………….

 6: PIONEER – A pioneer does things differently. When you are a pioneer you begin to use your visionary talents and insights in a particular manner that is suited to your vibration. Your may feel like challenging the world. You want to do something different or a similar thing but in a different way. This does not have to be something that is labelled “spiritual” but its essence might be. There is a burning desire to help and share your wisdom with others. You then go about putting your plans into action. At some point the plan starts to come together and may even takes off. You start to support yourself financially and you come to move into the next stage of ……………

7: THE LIGHT WORKER – When you are a Light worker you realise and actualise changes in the world. You become a model of excellence, a real leader. You are strong, wise and unstoppable. You experience a greater sense of inner peace, an acceptance that all is right in the world with whatever is occurring because you see greater possibilities and harness the wisdom to activate the forces of creativity.

At this point the cycle starts again in order to take you into the next level of your evolutionary consciousness rising.


The Second 7 Stages of Evolution

1: DORMANCY – The danger of dormancy is that you missed the awakening due to the ego’s interference. If you have been around the cycle once already you may think that you are a Light Worker and as such believe that you know it all.  Yes you have taken a lot of workshops. Yes you have read a lot of books. Yes you might transcend during meditation, but there is always more. The challenge here is to pay attention and take note that your awakening has already begun. It is important to embrace this second trip around the cycle of seven because it will help eliminate the ego’s control over logical consciousness and as such will take you into the next level. To minimise the challenges requires you to pay attention to the signals and signs that come your way. Notice the changes, but above all be open to the possibility that you don’t know it all!

2: AWAKENING – One of the challenges of awakening is to admit that you are actually awakening. Don’t try to push your awareness away or try to repress it because it’s your natural state of being. There are times when you may feel embarrassed by your experiences and find it difficult to share them.  Some confusion may rise because nothing seems to be logical to you. You may even start to think that you are going crazy.

Another challenge in your awakening is that it’s important to get out there and learn. Many people get stuck in their awakening because they don’t take the necessary actions to share and explore the possibilities that come. Being curious is not enough. You need to make a commitment to your own personal development in order to move to the next stage. To minimise the challenges read those books again because this time you may learn something new from them. Go on the development courses; remember that experience is the biggest teacher of life. When you start to take action to learn more, you will move into the next stage………………

3: SEEKER – if this is your first time round the cycle it can send you into an overwhelming stage of trying. You might become a workshop or self-help “junkie” or a serial therapy/healing client. A problem for seekers is that they know a lot, but do not do a lot. They have the knowledge but the information that is held may not necessarily integrate it into their life. People who often do this set themselves up as healers or teachers, but are not true leaders because they have not yet integrated the wisdom. They have not integrated their own knowledge and certainly don’t know how to assist others to do this.

People are vulnerable to some of the less ethical trainings and therapies, which can lead to the seeker finding a false guru. There are few gurus that are truly gurus. A true spiritual leader or Light worker will empower those that are seeking their guidance whilst discouraging dependency.

The challenge for seekers is to start to integrate their knowledge into wisdom, and this means that they may have to break down their inner resistance or blocks. To minimise the challenges is to pay attention to any signs that you might have a block. By all means seek and learn but use discretion at all times. Use logic to think things through whilst watching for the signs of chaos where there are indications of blocks, such as fear or ego control.

If you seek the right help early enough chaos can be minimised or even avoided. To integrate the knowledge you have obtained means to transmute it into wisdom, which requires a breaking down and transformation of any blocks you may have. This does not have to be painful, but if you don’t take right action it can lead to the next stage…………………

4: CHAOS – This stage presents the most problems for the greater majority of people, but it also gives the biggest opportunity for growth. Pain can be a sign that you are seeking recognition because it wants to leave the body. Problems reveals resources you never knew you had. Many people who are in this stage make the mistake of thinking that the problems have been caused by the awakening and becoming a seeker of truth. The result is often that they try to go back to dormancy, which is denial. Chaos at this point is a sign that you need to make changes within your life situations.

Problems are there to show you what you need to work on, and are signs that you have blocks that need to be released. If not it may lead to a “breakdown”. People say they had a breakdown, but it is not a breakdown of their lives; it is a breaking through of their barriers, their resistance to change. The danger of this stage is that your crisis prevents you from taking the very action you need to take to get out of the crisis.

When these blocks are released you will begin to reintegrate your life to a higher plain of consciousness and awareness. New channels, psychic centers, chakras and energy centers will open when blocks are released. Releasing takes you towards becoming a visionary and a healer.

You will receive insight and guidance from spirit. But in fact you were always receiving them but you weren’t aware of it. To minimise the challenges you can take time out to rest and recuperate. All is perfect, you just don’t realise how perfect it is. Find and take the help, healing or therapy that you need. If you take notice of the warnings and get the help you need, you can break through and break the blocks before your life breaks down.

You need to give up being a victim and take control and responsibility for your life. If you fail to do this you can stay stuck in the problem. The problem is not a negative thing; it has appeared to show you that you have a block. A common thing that people say in this stage is “I’m waiting for a sign from the universe before I take action to take training or therapy. The problem you are facing is a sign at this stage may require having faith to go on the healing course, get the therapy or to make changes in your life. In this way you may move into the next stage of becoming a visionary …………….

5: VISIONARY – In this second stage of the visionary the challenge is to ground your vision into a practical reality. If you fail to do this you remain a dreamer. There are many people in this category who have ungrounded visions but are struggling to support themselves and are often to spaced out as a result of being ungrounded.

If you fail to ground your vision you may keep returning to chaos. Visionaries often rely ONLY on their intuition and throw all logic out. To minimise the challenges it is wise to use both, to use rational thought and logic as well as intuition in order to put your vision into action. Finding the balance between logic and intuition is not an easy task, but it can be done. Trust your intuition, but check the small print. Don’t step blindly forward, but step forward with your eyes open and turn on the logical part of your brain. Have faith, but not blind faith.

6: PIONEER – the challenges of the pioneer comes from being the one to show the way or to be the trail blazer. You want to do things differently and as such you start to do things differently. In the doing you make changes, and in doing so you make others question themselves as you do of yourself. The challenge of the pioneer is to have faith in their vision. It will be questioned all the time, just as every pioneer throughout history has been questioned. The temptation might be to give up, to stop or even to go back to the status quo. This is impossible for the pioneer to do because there is the realisation that it will push you back into the chaos stage again.

Your higher self will keep urging you to be the pioneer. If you deny the call, the call will only get louder. To minimise the challenges one must live it, do it and be it. Face every challenge or problem as an opportunity for new learning and growth, which takes you into……………………………..

7: LIGHT WORKER – The challenges of the Light worker are many and great. The Light worker continues to evolve consciously with vision whilst actively moving around and trough the cycle. One of the biggest challenges for the light worker is to ground those in the Chaos stage. The challenges include: clients or students that try to become dependent on you. They will try to give up their free will. “What should I do” they may ask whilst holding their umbilical cord (emotions) out in an effort to try and plug it into you.

The challenge is not to allow others to become dependent on you, but to empower them to make their own choices. Others will look to you for help and support and you may want to give it. You will attract those who are in the chaos stage but they may not have the means to pay for your services. Your boundaries may be challenged as you will want to help them, but as a Light worker you know that they must take action too in order to invest in themselves. Otherwise the result is that whatever you do won’t work because until they take personal responsibility and develop themselves they will find it difficult to move out of the problem.

The interaction between you and the client must be balanced. Sometimes when you refuse to help someone, they might interpret it as a rejection, and may perceive this as you attacking them. Others may envy your success and attack you out of jealousy. Ego can creep in here, so be aware. At this point you have made a massive step in your evolutionary development. Most people hang around at the lower stages, dipping in and out of the chaos. Some people go round the cycles of seven but only make very small steps on each circuit.

As a Light worker you have come further than most people and you will know it. The challenge is to experience all human conditions with compassion and love, whilst remaining impartial and detached. Here are some ways that will help you in your evolutionary development:

1: To minimise the challenges by being clear on your boundaries.

2: Remain humble.

3: Admit when you get things wrong.

4: Be true to yourself.

5: Release and transform the ego.

6: Be prepared to keep learning and evolving.

7:   Don’t fall into the trap of the Messiah complexities just because you  have had a life crisis and recovered does not mean you are here to save the world.  

8: You are still a human being and you are still evolving.

Do you recognise one of the seven cycles that you might be in?