…….Spiritual Medium…….

As a spiritual medium I use the faculties of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. This gives me the ability to receive information from the spiritual realm such as through loved ones and spirit guides. I am then able to pass that information on to the recipient to which the spirit is connected.

One of the main purposes of a spiritual medium is to provide evidence that life continues after physical death. The messages and evidence that comes through can prove the fact that there is an after-life.

The spirit of a person that comes to a spiritual medium retains its personality, memories, emotions and personal experiences that it had during its earth life. These qualities often come through during the séance, which I have felt and passed on countless times as proof of who is present.

For over four decades I have used my natural gift of mediumship and healing.

Services: I give individual sessions as well as group séance meetings.

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