Ghostbusting is a service that removes and transforms negative forces such as ghosts, dark spirits and poltergeist from earth. These are negative energies that can create disturbances in homes, workplaces and at times nature.

The development of my ghostbusting skills has evolved over some thirty years. I am able to communicate with ghosts and poltergeist through the activity of my higher senses.This gives me the ability to remove and transform all negative dark forces such as a poltergeist.

Ghostbusting is a service that I provide for people who find their homes and lives being disturbed. Benign ghosts, negative ghosts and poltergeist are forces that can be found in homes and workplaces. They often create disturbances that scare people, such as when a door opens and closes by itself. You may hear a sound of someone walking along the floor above when there is no one else is in the house. You may have experienced a stronger disturbance like when a cup moves along the table and flies off by itself.

All spirit forces of this nature have chosen to remain on earth when physical death occurred. They may have developed a strong attachment to a house or person and were unable to leave. When I connect to a dark force I am able to release them from their attachment that keeps them on earth. Through its release the spirit will continue its journey into the light of the heavenly body and find peace.

The removal and transformation of the different forms of negative forces in this manner is a natural part of my service to others.

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