Raising Your Consciousness

We are beings of consciousness.

The entire population of the world is now actively passing through a change in consciousness, which as I understand has been taking place for millennia.

Consciousness is a creative force that shapes the world we live in because everything we create is derived from consciousness.

The human brain has two hemispheres, the logic left, which is the doing aspect, and the intuitive right, which is the being aspect. In its entirety the human brain is both the receiver and transmitter of thoughts, which is referred to as consciousness. Mind and consciousness have an immeasurable capacity to expand far beyond the view that the human mind and consciousness currently holds.

It is important to understand that consciousness is light that in itself is not held in the brain, it is held outside of the body, which has three main states that are aligned to the current state of consciousness. The first two energy fields of consciousness are held within the aura of each individual. The third field of consciousness is outside of the aura and is in the collective field of Universal consciousness, which for example is where we receive our intuitive thoughts.  

Logic cannot comprehend anything that it experiences outside of physical laws because that is not its purpose. Its purpose is to reason and question what is being experienced, and whenever it is confronted with anything it does not understand, it has to be proven before any form of acceptance occurs.

Logic has been the dominating consciousness that controls human behavior patterns and continually tries to limit the functionality of the intuitive right hemisphere of the brain. Fear is the main tool that logic uses to keep control over you, which can potentially block your psyche and psychic abilities in an effort to remain in power.

For many both hemispheres are at this stage of development, which is where confusion arises due to the lack of harmony between the logic and intuitive. Many are at this critical point of raising their consciousness.

Logic has no control over the right hemisphere because the consciousness held by the intuitive right is of a higher vibration of light, and as such is metaphorically speaking, looking down on logic as an observer.  

Unlike logic the intuitive right is at liberty to explore all dimensions, many of which are beyond the comprehension of logical reasoning. The consciousness of the intuitive right hemisphere understands exactly how logic works and continually adjusts itself to blend into logical reasoning.  

Many are at the point of directing the intuitive right to cross over into the left hemisphere in an effort to rewire and expand the limitations of logical thought patterns. Each time you do this the logic becomes more accepting of what is being experienced by the intuitive right hemisphere, which is often referred to as “out of the box thinking”.

I would like to give another view of how I see the limitations of logic. If I were to compare the brain to a computer; the memory of the computer is also limited in its functionality, for example how many gigabytes the computer has in its hard drive determines how much memory it can hold. This in itself has limitations, which is why I.T. technicians created the “cloud” that gives immeasurable capacity to hold, store and use information. In this respect try to see the brain i.e. the logical left hemisphere as the computer that has a limited hard drive capacity. But the right hemisphere of the brain is the cloud with an immeasurable amount of memory and capacity to create. 

The information that is kept in the cloud by the computer can be accessed in a click, which is similar to accessing the right hemisphere of the brain when you direct your consciousness into it. And when you do, it’s like crossing the bridge from third dimensional consciousness (3D) into fourth dimensional consciousness (4D), which gives you the freedom to explore beyond the limitations that logic imposes.

This for me (the cloud) is representative of how the left and right hemispheres of the human brain functions. However the connections between the left and right hemispheres are as yet incomplete in the greater majority of people because (just like a computer can have) can be infected by a Trojan, viruses and cookies that are controlling the mind and changing the program. The Trojan is the Ego and two of the viruses of logic are fear and control, and two of the cookies are doubt and expectations. These in themselves can prevent you from crossing that bridge into higher consciousness.

So is there an antivirus for the mind? Yes there is, here are some of the steps that you can take that will help to clean all alien energies that control mind:

1: Understand the true meaning of fear:

The sense of fear for self protection and fear are not the same thing.

The first fear is ones natural intuition that arises in order to protect you from harm.

The other fear is ego based. It’s an emotional reaction that wants to protect its own interests at all costs.

A fear can arise because it is giving you the opportunities to trust. Trusting is logically based and is the first step towards inner-knowing; trust is telling you that “I can trust myself to do this” I don’t have to fear anything! By trusting you will develop a greater sense of knowing, which is one’s faith, such as “I know that this feels right, so I will listen to my intuition and do it”! By taking that positive step you step into the unknown and it will feel good.

2: Understanding any control issues you may have: control stems from ego fear because you do not trust yourself in the greater plan of life. And when you do not trust yourself you cannot trust others, which is one reason why you try to control or be in charge of whatever you are doing. When you study your control issues more closely you will be taking positive steps to transform and eradicate ego created fear from your life’s behavioral patterns.

3: Doubting: this is based on a deep insecurity of not trusting whatever is to come, possibly because of a negative past experience that’s connected to what you are about to do? Doubting is there to help you to take back your power, a point where there is no hesitation; a moment that takes you into the unknown that liberates you from fear.

4: Expectations: any expectations you have are a trap for disappointment. All expectations are futuristic, and here again you are giving your power away by expecting something negative to happen instead of doing something about it yourself, such as positive thinking. You have expectations of yourself and others because they are there to teach you to manage whatever comes into your life because you trust.

By consciously crossing that bridge from right to left and vice versa you will begin to rewire the left hemisphere to accept more readily what is not logically based. You will begin to trust your intuitive thoughts, which will begin to expand and raise the consciousness into the third level of universal consciousness the cloud of knowledge. This is where greater insight will appear to guide you towards understanding that you are not alone, you are being guided and helped and that fear is an illusion.

Gradually both hemispheres will harmonies as the higher senses are activated; then you will eventually become one center of consciousness. When that point in life is reached life is a walking meditation.

Welcome home!