The Untold Dangers of Reiki Initiations

The modern or new age ways of healing (during the last twenty years) for me have begun to take on a new look and meaning. There are numerous forms of training and therapists that offer to help cure ailments of which many are doing some excellent work in healing the mind, body and soul.

Throughout my development as a Spiritual Healer and working as an energy guide I have often come across and met both Reiki teachers and healers in various countries throughout the world. I was never taken to follow that particular way of healing because it did not feel that it was the right path for me to follow. As my knowledge of healing grew through insights and experiences I slowly became aware that there was something wrong with the Reiki methods of initiating people to become healers.

Over the last twenty-five years I have been invited to work with some Reiki masters in order to help them understand the ways of Spiritual Healing because they wished to explore and develop this natural way of healing. I have been asked to take part as an observer of Reiki initiations to study the energy fluctuations that took place during the various levels of initiations.

Through my own inner development I have been given the gift to see energies on all levels. This gave me insight into what was taking place with the energies during a Reiki initiation. It became clear that there was something wrong because it created interference in various parts of the energy fields in initiates, particularly with certain chakra centers. From this insight I understood that my inner feelings about the Reiki system was now being confirmed. After working with a Reiki master as an adviser for some months, I realised that I could no longer continue to support this form of energy work.

During the past twenty-five years I have healed many Reiki initiates in various countries who have been out of balance due to the initiation methods used. Up until now I have not expressed my deeper reservations about this method of initiating and healing. This opportunity to share my truth has been brought on in part by my healing four separate individuals who have been damaged in various ways by the Reiki initiation methods. Individually they sought my help within two weeks of each other. This also confirmed my inner suspicions that the Reiki system of implanting energies and opening people up to their frequencies is severely flawed. I was now beginning to understand on a deeper level how Reiki was dangerous for many (but not all) who were seeking this healing method, which also includes the unaware Reiki teachers and Masters.

As I understand it to be today the system of Reiki initiations carries danger for some people and no one is talking about it, particularly the ones giving initiations, which could be for a number of reasons; such as the teachers themselves being unaware of the impurities that the symbols hold.
The majority of Reiki masters and teachers that I have met do not understand the power, depth and the relevance of what they are doing, as in opening people up to the universal forces through the implants (as in symbols) that are given during initiations.

The forces and powers that are awakened and placed within any individual during a Reiki initiation do have long lasting effects. Once placed within someone’s energies, which includes the chakras, etheric body and aura, the consequences of this can be extremely negative for some people. The symbols and energies that have been established and fixed into the energy field of an individual during initiation can be difficult but not impossible to remove.

I feel strongly about what I have been experiencing through healing and removing the energies from those who have received Reiki initiations. I feel that people need to know what can go wrong with such initiations and why! I will explain more deeply about what I understand to be the dangerous flaws within the system of Reiki.

Dangers of Reiki:

Reiki was developed by Dr Mikao Usui in the 1920’s, and was brought from Japan to the west in 1937. The Reiki system has moved along with the flow of demand also; for example some thirty years ago to obtain masters degree in Reiki took a much longer time i.e. years and not just a few weekends. Also the cost of a master’s degree then was much higher. Today to become a master on paper takes but three weekends at little cost. Not that cost has anything to do with the qualification, it simply means that the lower cost has opened the door to many more people taking initiations. This I feel is part of the watershed of Reiki whereby the system itself creates teachers of little knowledge who are looking for people to come on their courses, hence the drop in the price of courses and standards too! These two factors I believe have a great deal to do with the imbalances that I continually meet within Reiki initiates.

It is unfortunate but true to say that in these times of human spiritual development there is such a rush to seek knowledge regarding the various healing practices. To a great extent most therapy trainings take a responsible approach and are well balanced, and address healing in a holistic manner. However, I see the Reiki method of teaching as the “Mc Donald’s” of the healing world. It is as if one drives in for a Reiki initiation, picks it up and then drives out again in break neck speed. And this is done in three short initiations after which one becomes a master. This concept to me is ludicrous and downright dangerous, but sadly many people believe it to be true, which is part of the difficulties that people face whilst searching for spiritual development, which begs the question; who does one believe and trust; the spiritually minded person surly cannot mislead me or indeed harm me?

One cannot nor does one become a master healer in three short teachings, especially where there is very little depth taught regarding the many levels of energy fields that every human being holds. It is my understanding that Reiki initiations pay little attention in teaching how energies work through universal laws. Most people are not ready to receive implants into a few chakra points that are given during an initiation, which in my opinion is extremely dangerous in itself.

Like all things that the human-being creates it can become corrupted. From experiences I have become aware that the Reiki symbols have been corrupted by dark forces which give access into individuals energy fields through the Reiki initiations. Due to this fact I felt that I had to write this article to raise the consciousness regarding this method!

From my understanding let’s take a look at why and how the system is flawed. For me the reasons are quite clear after treating so many people with similar complaints after receiving Reiki initiations, which has also prompted me to write this article!

1: There is very little background information sought regarding the initiate. Every individual should be interviewed to assess their possible response to the initiations.

2: Little or no energy assessment is done on the person prior to an initiation. With every breath our energy changes as it does from day to day. Is the Reiki teacher able to tell if any given individual in an initiating group is emotionally and mentally balanced or imbalanced? A person could become very low in energy (such as depressed) prior to the initiation or during the initiation; if this were the case then they would be in danger of being overcharged or negatively influenced by the initiation. The input of energy could cause some damage where there is weakness, which could take a number of days to rebalance. I have seen this fact being ignored time after time during Reiki initiations; which is usually passed on by saying “you will be OK after the initiation, as it can only do you good” or “your energies are rebalancing themselves, you will be OK in an hour or so”. This is an extremely dangerous approach!

3: Some Reiki teachers and Masters don’t have deeper insight of energy awareness. This is a key factor and is probably where the greatest weakness lays. If any given Reiki teacher or Master is unable to read and interpret energies on this level then they are also working blindly and in my opinion should not initiate anyone until they have developed their higher senses to be able to respectfully read the energies of an initiate.

This is a very valid point to make here because the Reiki initiations places various symbols of power into chakra points. These key symbols can and do have tremendous effects upon the various energy fields of individuals; such as the “etheric body, charka points and the various mental bodies”.

It is true to say that throughout my healing those damaged by Reiki initiations, most have had chakra imbalances where a dark force is blocking the natural flow of the souls light, and in some cases the mental body has been opened and is not truly aligned. The reason is quite clear to see and I cannot understand why no Reiki teacher has opened themselves up to this truth. Which also begs the question why?

The reason for the chakra damage is that each of the Reiki initiating symbols are resonating with specific forces due to their geometrical shape, meaning that each symbol is vibrating at a certain frequency, which is a key point to make here. As Souls we each have a unique vibration which comes from the light source, our Star and universal consciousness. This is a very exact science that is true to universal forces; which is why any Reiki symbols placed within an individual’s energy system do not naturally resonate with the soul’s vibration, which is why it can take a number of days for the souls vibration to adjust to the new implant.

The danger is that if one or more of those symbols used in any given Reiki initiation do not readily resonate with the Soul colours or any given chakra point in the energy field of the initiate; then that person is in danger of being damaged or imbalanced. What can happen is that the force of the symbol may start to physically shake the person for a period of time, and can actually break through a chakra centers protective web and cause further damage.
What are the implications of this for the initiated? This in turn leads to the chakra or chakras being damaged or blocked. It can create a leaking of the chakra energy, hence a loss of energy, which is another symptom of imbalance that is often followed by pain in the physical body, or in the very least the initiate will feel tired for a period of time directly after the initiation.

The greatest danger lies in the fact that: for example the emotional chakra and the mental body have been disturbed by this initiation, then that person is in danger of being influenced by one of the darker forces that have corrupted the Reiki system. An example is that the dark force can block the heart energy. This I have seen on a number of occasions, but why?

The chakra system within each individual is perfect in its creation and are held in place by universal laws. The universal flow of energy within everyone is connected to all energy fields that resonate with the Souls light frequency, such as the aura, etheric body and chakras. As the consciousness opens and one begins to explore spiritual values, it naturally seeks knowledge and wisdom that will nourish the spirit and soul. This is where Reiki often seems to fit the bill for many, chiefly because it’s a quick fix and secondly it requires little or no knowledge of esoteric science and how subtle energies work and impact the physical body.

Reiki initiations go into the chakra system, which are in direct contact with the crown chakra, the door to higher consciousness. It is during those moments that if anyone’s whole chakra system is not in balance (some chakras are often more open than others in the developing person) the input of energy and the force of it upon one or more of the chakras can have a negative effect.

In ones natural balance all chakra points should be open and working at relatively the same speed to create harmony within, if not then they produce disharmony. Disharmony can be created by directing too much power into only one or two chakra points at any given time, as is done in Reiki initiations. This can create a hole in those chakras energy or even in the aura through which negative energies are able to enter. This is one reason why so many individuals begin to hear voices after such initiations. The explanation that is usually given by the teacher is “it is your Spirit Guide talking or your healing spirit waiting to channel through you”. This is very often not the case because it takes time, patience and discipline to develop the higher chakras in order to meet ones True Spirit Guide

Individuals who are drawn towards Reiki are naturally seeking their own spiritual development. This means that they have reached a Karmic point in their continuing search for truth, love and light in order to serve for the greater good. But it is important to remember at this vital point the individual can be influenced by the dark forces of the Ego, which is often an unconscious act of “I want it now, I want to be a healing Master”. This is one of the main reasons why people are lured into Reiki as an identity, but often with no real experience of energy awareness or depth of healing.

The dark side is the ego-self that I refer to here, which I understand has corrupted Reiki, and I believe is continuing to lower the consciousness of Reiki itself. This is the slippery road that leads to many Reiki teacher’s having little knowledge of universal laws and truths about spirit beings and guides. It is wise to understand that not every spirit that connects during meditation, channeling or initiation is necessarily a light guide or spirit. If any teacher or initiator is unable to connect and see such spirit forms during an initiation then they are unable to challenge those energies or more importantly remove them, which is where there is a greater risk of being infected.

From this point of view ignorance and ego has won the day and the dark force can access and influence the individuals energy fields due to an opening being created by the initiation method. This fact is of great concern to me because if it continues the dark forces will access peoples energy fields through the Reiki symbol. These dark force are aware of how universal laws work, and will use them for their gain. All dark forces seek to disturb those seeking the light through Reiki initiations; this is how it works on that level. The dark forces will do everything within their power to disturb the progress of Love and Light being established in individual souls and in the World in general.

Another key point that I wish to make here is that if this continues to grow it will touch more and more Souls; this in turn will continue to bring the worlds vibration down into the negative due to the controlling methods of the dark forces. All dark forces live off fear and are vampires of etheric energy field.

It must be said that not every teacher or Reiki Master is corrupt or dark, many are not, which is due to their soul development being beyond the negative influences of the Reiki system.

What I am stating here is that I believe the whole aspect of Reiki needs to be looked at from a much deeper level than is presently being accepted by both teachers and initiates. It is a good thing to have belief and faith but when we are dealing with forces that have no respect for love and light then there is a danger of being complacent, laid back or even too sure of oneself.

The path of learning is endless as is our spiritual growth. I ask all to be open to the facts and truth as I understand it to be through my own experiences in this area. I trust that all light workers will join forces to harmonies the Earth and our Universe through love, light and joy through mutual respect.

We are living in strong times and our learning curves are becoming stronger also, which requires greater awareness. I trust that through reading the above with an open heart and mind that some progress may be made towards liberating those of you who may have been influenced by the Reiki system or are seeking greater knowledge of the workings of Reiki.

Love and light, Ralph Jenkins


©Ralph Jenkins