Whatever attachments we may have there is always a need of some kind connected to them. It is one thing to see your needs and attachments, but it can be difficult to let go of them. If you do not learn to let go of the attachments they will continue to show up. They can become bigger and will be deeply significant in your life.

When I let go of an attachment I am not saying no to love, that is different, what I am saying no to is the need that lies behind it, which is often emotionally based. The need can be a part of my identity which I  may want to keep and protect.

Any attachment I may have will continue to rise and expose itself, which can be connected to what I believe myself to be. But when I am working on discovering who I am, I realise that I am not the habits, conditioning, desires and projections or the attachments I have created.  These are aspects of my  needs which I have believed myself to be. All of these things are not me; they are projections of the ego. This is the battlefield where my non attachment is seeking to transform any attachments I have.

By looking at my attachments I can see my true nature. But then the question arises who is going to transform those attachments and who may help me transform them?

The first thing I can do is to forget everything about gaining or loosing. By letting go of all things i.e. personal or material, eventually only the Self is left, which is my Self-less being. Then I can begin to let go of the Self … the self description, which is  my own idea of who I believe I am and the identity that I have become attached to. And what remains?

Only effortlessness remain and there is no arrogance in simply being. Then my true eye will open, the inner eye, and I will see if there is anything left of the ego’s attachments to transform. I will no longer create battles that have no need to be fought. Pure understanding in being needless takes care of everything!

I am now beginning to experience life as an all inclusive being with the understanding of non-attachment; I no longer have to create wars with any aspect of myself because I have no need of anything. They were the reflections of my limitations, which have now become clear to me.

When I found out what say’s “I”, I found that this “I” has a story to tell. It was my logic speaking to me. The “I” arises because it is a part of my physical body, the identity I have created.

When the “I” perceives without vested interest, only then can pure perceiving, right brain thinking and intuition be activated, which has no needs or attachments.

I have found out that life it’s not about learning, it’s about discovering for my Self by stepping into the experience.

Whenever I am not being present, my  eyes are on time, which is of the past or future, then I clearly see where I have become lost by not Being in the present moment.

As I give up what I believe myself to be, there is a natural transition that lets go of my attachments because I am already here in the Now.

I have come to realise that there are many things that I have included into my life believing that they are me. But in reality they are only what I do, think or imagine to be, they are identities of who I have believed myself to be!

Now in this moment of seeing myself, I am looking at what I am not, and what I am is revealing it-self to me.

Sometimes what I believe in – the identity of who “I am” falls away, then I feel no attachment, and I did nothing to remove it, but somehow this way of thinking, the conditioning, these thoughts are not troubling me anymore.

I am finding out that these things do not belong to me. Then something deeper moves into the silence I am holding, into the peaceful place that I have created, into a spontaneous freedom and the natural joy of being the Self!

Peace, joy and love on your spiritual path. Ralph