This course start on February 21/22, 2015.

The Spiritual Healing course runs for 13 months, one weekend each calendar month.

“The Way of the Healer” course is based upon Traditional Spiritual Soul Healing, which is sometimes called “Hands on Healing”. This form of healing has its roots deep in the understanding of the Universal Life Force of our own Heart beat.

This course gives an in-depth education for those who are either working with healing, have had some form of training or have taken a course related to healing. It is also suitable for those who feel that they have a gift of healing, but as yet have not developed their gifts. With this course it is an advantage if one has some experience with guided meditation as a form of self development.

As you progresses on the spiritual path, you are also increasing your sensitivity towards all things.  The course will help to balance your own energies in order to transform and develop your three higher senses, those of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. These are the senses that connect you to the unseen energies such as the aura, chakras, etheric body. Through the development of your healing gifts you will also experience the guidance of subtle energy forms such as healing guides, angels and masters, which is a natural development of your healing.

The spiritual path that you are following also increases your sensitivity towards all things, which when harmonised will empower and help you in your daily life.

The Soul that develops true love acquires wisdom. The Soul that develops tranquillity achieves the quality of peace. When the soul can live in love and ttranquility its eyes are opened and sees far beyond the limitations of the ordinary physical mind.

I welcome you to join me on this spiritual journey, love and light, Ralph

An interview is required prior to acceptance to the course. Please see calendar for starting dates.

For further information or for a full program please contact me Ralph Jenkins at:

Tel: 073-58-77-554