Spiritual Healing

The way it works!

I have a natural gift of healing that I became aware of when I was seven years old. I have been working with spiritual healing for over thirty years. My higher senses are fully open, which gives me the ability to see all energy fields. Because my higher senses are open I have the ability to see the energies of the Aura, Etheric body and Chakras. These are areas that I can be heal and balance during a healing session.

Spiritual healing is a natural therapy that restores balance to energies that are blocking the flow of the Chi or Prana. This occurs through the natural transformation of negative energies that are present in the physical body. It could be that the patient is experiencing extreme anxiety because of an overstimulated central nervous system. Spiritual healing can re-balance this disorder by balancing the electromagnetic energy field of the patient via the etheric body. This will increase the flow of the Chi or Prana and revitalises the entire central nervous system. The patient usually directly feels the effect of such a healing and becomes more present and positive.

The spiritual healer can also give valuable insight and guidance on how to transform negative vibrations, which  may be found in the physical body, chakras, aura or etheric body.

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Have you ever wondered what the energies of darkness and evil are? How they are created and how they affect and influence people? This book not only provides valuable insights to-wards understanding how darkness and evil touches everyone, but gives valuable tools to eradicate them.

By understanding the nature of darkness and evil, positive steps can be taken individually and collectively to transform the illusions they create. For example fear is an element of darkness, it’s an illusion that is created by the lower nature i.e. the ego, in order to control. Judgment is an example of the ego at work! Judgment separates and divides the individual and groups of people through preferences. Judgment is a tool of darkness as is fear.

The knowledge provided within this book will guide you to be more self-realised about darkness and evil. The valuable insight will help transform any negative thoughts and emotions you may be holding by raising your consciousness to eliminate your fears. Any positive step that you take in this direction will awaken the Divine within you i.e. your love and light.

Light is expansive and love is healing, unifying whatever they touch. By drawing more light into your being you will create a greater state of inner harmony i.e. peace of mind and a joy of heart.


This is your Guide to a peaceful place inside, filled with joy and love. It will teach you how to use your feelings and all of your senses to understand the experiences which life brings. Sensitelligent is “the intelligent use of your senses”  and this book offers practical advice on how to use all of your senses – both physical and higher.

For many, spirituality is a mystery, but this book will bring deep spiritual knowledge in a logical and practical way related to your life situation and work environment. It will guide you to transform fear and control issues and enable you to trust and intuit, helping you to build trust in yourself and your experiences – one of the most important steps to a harmonious life.

Open this book at any page and follow your own path. Learn to be present and to trust the first feeling you have – the intuitive thought that guides you to higher consciousness. You will become more positive and grow with the guidance and spiritual wisdom. This book will invite you to return to it many times as you gain more insight. Let it be a companion on your Life Journey!

The book was reviewed by UK’s leading guide to Mind, Body and Spirit: “…It was very wise, deep and true. Useful for a new spiritual seeker as it contains easy going practical advice and examples. Reading it made me feel like I was being given a big hug…” Read the whole review here.

This book was written by me and Marie Örnesved

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What is the Spirit and Soul? Through my experiences and insights I inviting you to join me in exploring the essence of the two forms of energy that reside within the denser physical body i.e. the Spirit and Soul. In this seminar I will be explaining the complementary differences between the Spirit and Soul vibrations in relation to the physical from. Each of the three bodies bear witness to the life principles that are being live through via the Soul consciousness. But you may ask where and what is “The Divine”? Through developing your spiritual insights you will be able to “Touch the Divine”. During the seminar I will be giving some insights in relation to the Divine Force under the following headings:

  1. What is the Divine?
  2. How does a person activate the Divine power from within?
  3. What is the Divine purpose that lies behind Soul consciousness?


Deep within everyone there is a knowing, a calling to touch the Divine on a deeper level. This is the soul’s calling that’s continually seeking to empower the individual towards activating the Spirit within, which will empower and awakens the consciousness to free itself of the ego and the fears that control. This lecture gives insights into the different forms of energy, such as the various levels of consciousness and their connection to the two forms of will-power – physical and the spiritual will. Insight is given into how the energies of the Universal Soul can awaken the Spirit that will free the lower mind and emotions from judgment. I give insight into how the control – the Ego – of cultural, political and religious affairs, to a large degree have suppressed the true expression of spirit and soul.

This lecture and dialogue gives insight into creationism, metaphysics and quantum physics.  It explores higher levels of consciousness that are beyond the limits of logical reasoning? Light is consciousness. For example there are more than seven variations or vibrations of light, the lowest being the physical light that everyone experiences from the Earths star, the Sun. Science refers to the higher vibrations of light as “the unseen light”. The unseen light is undetectable by physical sight. Thus far “to my knowledge” no physical apparatus has been created to measure higher light and light speed. Just as there is more than one variation of light there are other Universes. From my insights I understand that there are a collection of Universes that make up one body of conscious energy; some call it God or the Creator.