Sensitelligent – A Guide to Life

This is your Guide to a peaceful place inside, filled with joy and love. It will teach you how to use your feelings and all of your senses to understand the experiences which life brings. Sensitelligent is “the intelligent use of your senses”  and this book offers practical advice on how to use all of your senses – both physical and higher.

For many, spirituality is a mystery, but this book will bring deep spiritual knowledge in a logical and practical way related to your life situation and work environment. It will guide you to transform fear and control issues and enable you to trust and intuit, helping you to build trust in yourself and your experiences – one of the most important steps to a harmonious life.

Open this book at any page and follow your own path. Learn to be present and to trust the first feeling you have – the intuitive thought that guides you to higher consciousness. You will become more positive and grow with the guidance and spiritual wisdom. This book will invite you to return to it many times as you gain more insight. Let it be a companion on your Life Journey!

The book was reviewed by UK’s leading guide to Mind, Body and Spirit: “…It was very wise, deep and true. Useful for a new spiritual seeker as it contains easy going practical advice and examples. Reading it made me feel like I was being given a big hug…” Read the whole review here.

This book was written by me and Marie Örnesved

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