When I look at what the world is reflecting back to me today it becomes clearer that on one hand there is a strong shift of consciousness taking place, and on the other many are still holding on to the old ways of doing things. There are some who realise that the ship is going down and are willing to step into the unknown, and there are those who are in denial that the ship is going down and choose to remain onboard. Which for me raises the question of why does the human psyche behave in such ways?

Those in the world who accept that change is happening everywhere become more present and are able to face all possibilities with greater openness. Whilst those who are in denial often stand in fear of change and as such find it extremely difficult to move on. Taking the next step is almost impossible for them.

In order to accept anything one has to put any fears, needs and expectations to one side. Then a space is created, see it like a vacuum. The vacuum is like a pause that is taking place between the first aspects of having experienced something, which I call past, and the second aspect that has not yet occurred, I refer to as the future. Imagine now that within this vacuum you are making all your choices or decisions. Within this vacuum of nothingness the logic finds it extremely difficult to remain still, which is where doubt and fear can take control.

Those who have accepted that the ship is going down will get into the lifeboat and put on their life jacket with the realisation that they are having a totally new experience, which is also occurring all about them, and that they are taking a real part in the experience. Whilst those who remain in denial seek refuge in the inevitable and will even deny help to be rescued in the belief that something will happen, something will come to change the situation and save them? Many have already refused to get into the lifeboat even when they know that change is happening, which can compound their self belief and continue to remain in denial. It is estimated that up to 50% of the people on board a sinking ship remain in denial and will go down with the ship. But wait a minute, there is only one captain in any ship, right?

The financial crisis is for me an example of the ship going down, which is an interesting scenario that continues to play out, which is why the drama continues. The ones in denial continue to bail out the sinking ship with buckets that have themselves developed holes. The distinct lack of acceptance by those in denial simply compounds the situation because their energy continues to flood the current scenario.

Is there a way of saving the ship? Well yes there is, but it requires a real willingness to accept that everyone can do with less. Only when the right intentions are applied will real change happen. The ones in denial may say “but that means that we have to throw out some of the possessions we have in the hold”. The ones who can see the greater picture will say “yes you can begin to empty the overloaded hold in an effort to stabilise the ship, i.e. the economy”.  If the denial to take positive steps towards changing the current situation continues, many will go down with the ship.

The interesting thing here is that if you were to see the ocean as consciousness and the ship as the physical experiences would you be willing to unite with others to create real change? As consciousness raises so does the ship with it, the ship will not sink as long as it is carefully navigated and does not take too much on board.

Those who stand in denial will continue to try and take more on-board, but amongst them will be a few who have woken up to the fact that the ship has only so many resources and can hold no more. They will have accepted that less does not mean pain or suffering. In fact it can lead to the opposite where everyone on board can share equally. Then greater harmony will ensue.

Love and light, Ralph

When you hear the Souls calling, you begin to seek ways to meditate. Meditation is a way to establish a direct channel between your souls expression through the Spirit. It is a technique of the mind which helps create a clearer relationship between the life and form, spirit and soul and it seeks to harmonise and purify any negative forces you may be holding. Meditation helps balance and realign the seven chakra centres, etheric body, aura, conscious flow and central nervous system.

Meditation is a technique of the mind which eventually produces a correct and clear relationship between the life and form, spirit and soul. When you hear the Souls calling, you begin to seek ways to meditate. Meditation is a way to establish a direct channel between your souls expression through the Spirit. It seeks to harmonise and purify any negative forces you may be holding. It helps to balance and realign the seven chakra centres, etheric body, aura, conscious flow and central nervous system.

This form of meditation will draw you towards understanding your true nature and the quality of life that you live. Two of those qualities are being physically well and emotional stable. This form of meditation also increases and harmonies you’re mental responses to life from the prospective of spiritual values.

Through the practice of creative visualisation meditation you will:

1: Awaken the chakra centers in a gradual and orderly manner.

2: It will give you the inner meaning of esoteric life.

3: It will help harmonise your energies.

4: It will have a positive effect upon the way you view life.

It is my belief that this form of meditation is the most natural way for you to follow in your spiritual practice.


Consciousness occurs through the activity of light that enters the brain. The level of consciousness being applied at any given moment attracts the frequency of light required to express the individual’s thoughts. This then motivates the physical body through actions and words that demonstrates which level of consciousness is being applied for their life experiences. Consciousness is the most powerful force known to man, and the higher its light frequency the brain can receive is based on how evolved an individual is in their spiritual development. The higher the consciousness used the less dense the physical body becomes, hence the word “enlightenment”.

The first dimension of consciousness is that of logic, which I refer to as 3D (third dimensional). This level of conscious activity primarily stimulates the left hemisphere of the brain, which is derived from physical light activity, which I call the “physical timeline”. This is because the consciousness of logical reality views and experiences the world through the five physical senses that are based on the standards of what is known as time, distance and matter, past present and future. Intertwined in the perception of logical reasoning are the physical laws of cause and effect, action and reaction. All of which give the life experiences asked for, through activity of logical consciousness. The 3D consciousness is to a large degree responsible for building the world that we have today i.e. the building and infrastructure that is being experienced today. Logical reasoning towards spiritual understanding can begin for example when an individual has lost a loved one or when they have an experience, such as meditation, that will open a door of curiosity guiding them to another experience.

The second level is the fourth dimensional consciousness (4D), which is a step higher in consciousness activity. The light frequency received on this level is chiefly directed towards the right hemisphere of the brain, the spiritual and intuitive aspects. When the right hemisphere is activated in any human being, they will naturally begin to seek spiritual values, which could be as simple as contemplation, meditation or transforming ones fears and control issues.

Another example of higher consciousness activity is the intuitive thought, which is often rejected by the logical reasoning. This is mainly due to the fact that the intuitive thought travels at a speed that is a fraction of a second faster than physical light. The lower mind can’t imagine what it is receiving to be true, and will reject it in a split second if not accepted through logical reasoning. Higher consciousness activity can be activated by simply beginning to say no to fear. This will help create a rewiring on the left hemisphere as the new impulses in the neuron transmitter will transform the old neurons that have been conditioned to fear to trust instead. The 4D consciousness is responsible for awakening or opening the three higher senses that everyone has; the clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.

The third level of consciousness is the fifth dimension (5D). This level of consciousness activity is only possible when the logic and intuitive aspects are harmonised along with the emotional body, and a spiritual path is being followed and lived by. When any individual is actively living their life on the fifth level of consciousness, their three higher senses the Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience faculties are fully functional. A greater degree of enlightenment has been obtained and the individual lives in the moment and is in harmony with themselves, all life aspects and the Universe. The higher light vibrations of the 4D and 5D are responsible for holding the forces that have created the physical body, of which the Etheric body, Chakras and Aura are invisible to the physical eye due to their higher vibration. Higher thought travels faster than physical light, and Love travels faster than thought.

Why is it so important to be aware of energies? Everything that is around you is energy. You are energy, so it’s natural for you to learn more about energies and how they affect you! One of the most powerful energy that you have is your thoughts. How many times have you thought positively today? How many times have you had a negative thought about something that happened today or someone else? Through learning how to direct your thoughts, you can become much clearer about what you attract into your life.  Every thought you have influences not only your life but others in your environment to! Imagine having a very good feeling at the start of the day and you are really looking forward to this day. You do not know what will happen but you know that you can manage anything that comes your way. You are keen to learn new things and you do not hold fear of the unknown. You have a shining presence where ever you go because you have learned to be present, to live in the moment. You have access to your intuition and you are not easily affected by others around you who hold fear or are negative in their thoughts and actions. You are clear and positive which naturally touches others simply through your presence. Everyone around you will be up-lifted and you will feel their response. No words will be needed. When others take responsibility for their feelings, emotions and thoughts, then significant changes will take place in an environment. Greater harmony will be present! Are you prepared to take responsibility for yourself, your thoughts and feelings? If you are then greater peace will fill your life.

Soul beings who are experiencing life on earth through the physical body, can at times feel it difficult to say the least. I felt that through my own personal experiences and insights. This article may help you understand how the relationship between the physical timeline and the universal clock work to help raise consciousness.

Physical time with its minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, and centuries has been created – by the creator God – to give human kind a basic structure to follow. History is a prime example of how the universal law of physical time can demonstrate what has passed in this physical “Timeline”. I use this word because it specifically relates to what physical time is. It’s a narrow band of energy which is a prism of light. It’s through this vibration of light that the third dimension of consciousness is held – logic.

The physical timeline is limited by physical laws, why? Primarily it’s to give the human being the experiences required that will eventually lift or raise the consciousness beyond the limits of lower consciousness i.e. logic, into higher consciousness the fourth and fifth dimensions. Every human being has a right and left hemispheres of the brain, the left being logical – physical, and the right intuitive – spiritual. The logic is connected to the physical timeline whilst the right hemisphere is connected to soul consciousness – ray, the fourth and fifth levels of higher consciousness activity.

There is equal opportunity for all human beings to raise their consciousness to access soul expression, but many are as yet asleep, why? The term “soul searching” has been around for millennia. Have you been soul searching, if so what started it? Was it some crisis of a sort? For example was it a relationship or marriage breakup, or has someone close to you passed away? What I am trying to say here is that it does not matter what started your soul searching, the important thing is has it started! If not your life may well continue to be based on third dimensional consciousness activity that locks you into the physical timeline, and as such will continue to activate emotional responses and ego control issues because the emotions have not been transformed into feelings. Yes you feel emotions, which then trigger logical reasoning, but when you feel from the heart – transformed emotions – you have access to higher consciousness and as such will follow another path, one of acceptance.

There are a number of ways to release yourself from the limits that the physical timeline imposes. One way is to follow a spiritual practice, and I don’t mean go to church. Religious establishments are themselves caught up in this timeline by removing the feminine, the mother energy from its teachings. One good spiritual practice is to follow a meditation practice such as creative visualisation meditation. This form of meditation helps to raise your consciousness by practicing not to be in your logic when learning to relax. It does this by emptying your mind i.e. left hemisphere of the brain. This leaves the imagination free to cross the bridge into the right hemisphere which will then begin to rewire your left and right hemispheres to collectively cooperate, which is where the visualisation comes into play. During the meditation pictures may come to you, and if you ask questions about the picture the universe may well give you insight –universal law, ask in order to receive. I have found that meditation is good in this form to solve something that was bothering me, or something to which there seemed to be no answer to. Meditation in any form is a positive step towards developing a good spiritual practice because it helps take your thought patterns away from logical reasoning and interference. Yes you are most definitely stepping out of the timeline when meditating

Another excellent way to step out of your timeline is to learn to be present. Whenever you are fully present you are most definitely connected to both the timeline and your Soul ray. Then true polarity of your energies are being grounded and used for the greater good. You can only truly serve when you are fully present, which may require a certain amount of dedication, positive thinking and deeper spiritual practice. Yes you have to work for your spirituality; it’s a form of discipline. The discipline may be for example learning to say no to any fear in order to look for other ways to follow. All fears and emotions are based and operate through the timeline as does the ego. The ego will keep you in the timeline to separate you from your higher self. It does this through the choices you make, because all choices are judgment based and judgment is timeline energy. But you may well ask, “How can I live without making choices”? Well you are quite right because your logic has kicked in again and must find a reason, a way to not choose, after all, all choices are based on the physical timeline energy of right or wrong, black or white.

Here’s a possible solution, learn to decide instead of choosing! Am I confusing you? Whenever you choose to decide, after all it is a voluntary process that you have embarked on here. The decisions you make are right hemisphere based because the process of deciding firstly looks at the whole picture in order to understand what is taking place. It is not boxed in by the limitations of logic and its narrow timeline. Whenever you consciously make a decision about anything you will have gained access to higher consciousness which connects to your feelings and intuition. You are in fact taking a holistic view of life, which is a step away from the ego and emotional responses. By continually following this path you will become more intuitive and alert to all events. Your spiritual eye – third eye, will become active that helps you view the world holistically and with an openness that is heart-felt.

To summarise:

1: By taking positive steps to meditate or any other way such as walking in nature which will help you to relax and become more self realised about spiritual realities.

2: By learning to say no to your fears you will begin to rewire your brain from responding to the conditioning you have received for your whole life. You will become more independent and empowered toward taking decisive actions in accordance to your inner feelings and intuition.

3: By learning to be present you are living your life experiences to the full. Nothing will be separated from each other; you will view all things as one.

4: By transforming the judgments you make about anything or anyone you will become more accepting and present. This form of action will awaken the deeper love for all things that is present within you.

I wish you greater peace, joy and love on your journey in life.

Ralph K. Jenkins.


“I am totally empty and full at the same time.
I am all things and nothing.”

You are at peace when you carry no guilt or fear. Peace is a state of mind that is developed by being mindful in everything you do and the way it is done. When you are consciously clear and truthful then your heart and mind will be at peace. Peace of mind and heart are two of the most valuable assets you can have.


“I am like the water in a mountain stream. Lively and full of music.
I feel relaxed and I have a smile on my face.
Nothing stands in my way. I am free to create anything.”


When you are light-hearted, you hold joy. Joy is the inner child expressed through your creativity. It is a natural positive force that rises within, whenever you let go of the negative.



“I am flowing. Everything blends with me. I am at one with all there is.”

Light is the creative force of life. You feel the light when you are taking positive steps. When you step into the unknown with trust, then you are in your light. There is a flow when you stand strong in your truth, you are light. There are numerous other spectra of light, such as cosmic rays, gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet light, visible light, microwaves, radar, TV and radio.

This is a full mediumship reading that I provide. In the reading I will observe the colours that are present in your aura. From this insight I will  give you a personal reading of your life force of that moment. I will also be able to see if there is an imbalance with its vibration, which can be harmonised to help to establish a greater harmony of the physical body, spirit and Soul vibrations.

I will also observe your chakra’s in order to see if there is any over or under activity taking place within each one, which may be having a strong affect on your life. Through this diagnosis I will advise you on how to  create and hold a stronger positive life force.

If you are suffering from pain or other physical problems that  have not been diagnosed by traditional methods, I may be able to give you insight and advice in this area. For example some forms of pain – although felt in the physical body – do not have a physical source. The pain could emanate from the Etheric body, which  is felt on a physical level. Such injuries have a possibility to be healed.

This consultation is an excellent opportunity for you to receive some advice in relation to all aspects of life, such as your relationships with others. I also give consultation for couples.

To make an appointment with Ralph please see contact details.


I am actively involved in exorcising all negative energies i.e. dark forces such as Spirits and Poltergeists that may be creating a disturbance within a property such as a house, office, factory etc. This is a deep form of Exorcism by which the Spiritual Healer is able to transform and clear dark forces from the property. I also transform benign spirits who may be lost on the Earths lower plane so that they may continue their spiritual journey in peace.

Restoring peace and harmony is a service that clears any negative energy that may be near, in or passing through a house or property. The energy could be a negative Magnetic Vortex, a Layline or an underground stream. These negative energies and do negatively effect the wellbeing of people living in there locality. Some of the symptoms that can indicate that you may be living on or near such a energy are many. Here are a few symptoms that may indicate that you are – disturbed seep, stomach problems, headaches and at times dizziness. In some extreme cases I have know people to have developed cancer.

A negative energy can travel along a Layline or an Underground stream that maybe affecting the energy of the house. There may be a magnetic vortex near by, which is a fixed energy. A negative vortex can disorientate the mind and create confusion. The negative vortex effects the electromagnetic energy field of a person. This can deplete the life force of the physical body. And over a period of time can cause ill-health in areas such as the abdomen and central nervous system. Another symptom of ill-health that the negative vortex produces is mild or strong headaches. The headache may only appear when sitting in a particularly room or a specific area of the house.

A negative Layline can also disrupt the harmony of the house or workplace. A Layline, as the word suggests is a line of energy that can be up to seven or more years across. The Layline runs directly from one point to another, and is one of three that create a triangle. Where the lines meet there is a vortex of energy. These lines of energy create a grid of energy that encircles the earth, and is the first level of three.

I also work with removing and transforming benign spirits and negative dark spirits from houses or properties.

For further information on this subject please click on this link: ghostbusting